Resource Worlds

The Resource Worlds are a collection of worlds that have been subjugated by Gophertopia. They are being harvested for their resources to maintain the bountiful paradise of Gophertopia.

Known worlds

Area 38

Once a powerful military stronghold, this area was conquered long ago by Gopher knights and wizards to manufacture their automated Secret Police Helicopters which are programmed the recognize the sound of a Gopher crying even across worlds.  All these helicopters are controlled automatically by a police station built in this area.

Magma Gorge

A natural source of geothermal energy used exclusively for making sleeping Gophers more comfy.  The Gophers have harvested so much heat that it’s begun to freeze over.  Somewhere in this world, reality has been glitching in and out of existence, and rumor has it that there’s a portal to a secret world here.

Cookie Jungle

Cookie Jungle is a strange world where cookies of all flavors grow on plants for some reason.  Scientifically speaking, these “cookies” may not actually be cookies at all, but instead some crunchy exotic fruit with seeds that look like chocolate chips.  Whatever the case may be, the Gophers took over this world by building a machine that chops down these trees, harvesting them for their cookies.  On a more positive note, there’s a strange cookie shrub missing one of its fruits, and it’s said to be linked to another world.

Wild Pasture

The Wild Pasture is filled with rolling green plains. Flocks of birds fly aloft and can be ridden upon. Gophertopia is siphoning this world’s clean air making it difficult to breathe for the natives.

Midnight Tower

In Midnight Tower, good dreams are harvested to ensure that the Gophers sleep peacefully.  They are fiercely defended by the Gopher Wizards who use their magic to protect them.  But one of the natives of the world managed to create a potion that would turn their dreams into nightmares, the only possible way to liberate this world.

Ice Cream Tundra

A frozen land where the snow has a sweet, vanilla flavor to it. It is being harvested to create ice cream for the Gophers.

Karland Universe


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