Zackulback is a grey and black striped cat with superpowers. He was born with super agility, and he can shoot spikeballs from his mouth.

Zackulback was born in the year 2000 on Back Island. His parents are named Mamulback and Dadulback.



Before Zackulback was born, his parents were abducted via tractor beam by a flying cube filled with a crew of skeletons, led by an evil pirate named Skeltonar. The cube flew towards an isolated area in the middle of the ocean: Island Cliff. Just before it landed, Zackulback was born from his mother, and managed to escape by jumping from the cube and landing on an ironclad warship docked below.

Zackulback would be faced with his very first battle – three skeletal pirates made fun of him for looking very small. However, Zackulback fought back by tackling each of them. The last skeleton had a bomb, however, and blew up the warship as a last ditch effort to stop Zackulback. Fortunately, Zackulback managed to escape. A nearby stolen police car was caught in the blast and was knocked into the ocean. Thus, Skeltonar – who was disguised as a human – had to abandon his hiding spot.

Zackulback entered the cube and met Zanduelback, who was a rat that wore a small magic crown on his head. Zanduelback was trapped inside the ribcage of a skeleton dog which Zackulback defeated to free his new friend. Together, they teamed up and defeated all the skeletons inside the cube and rescued Zackulback’s parents. The cube was destroyed, and the group returned home the next morning by traveling on some driftwood.

With Zackulback, his parents and his friend Zanduelback safe and sound, their owner thanked the young kitten for his bravery. However, Skeltonar was still at large. Disguised as a human, Skeltonar went on the run, but swore revenge against Zackulback for foiling his evil plans.

Zackulback, wanting to learn more about his powers, decided to board his spaceship – a Hectocopter – and explore outer space.

Pet Shop Escape

Five months after their encounter with Skeltonar, Zackulback continued his exploration into outer space. During one trip, he brought along Zanduelback and discovered a meteor headed towards the planet. Zackulback steered the Hectocopter towards a landing pad tower in the metropolitan location of Moucat City. They narrowly escaped as the meteor crashed into their spaceship.

It was their first time exploring Moucat City, and they had no idea what to expect. Zanduelback, while scouting ahead and exploring was captured and taken into a nearby pet shop. He was sold to a young Kindergartener named Connor who was excited to have Zanduelback as a pet. However, Connor was rather overbearing and Zanduelback desperately wanted to return home. Thus, Zackulback clung onto the underside of Connor’s family van as they traveled to the boy’s house.

Zackulback would help Zanduelback sneak out and return home, all while Connor tried to pursue them. Zackulback’s parents would launch their own house into space after the dog Ronooback and the cat Yousback activated a launch sequence.

Skeltonar’s Revenge

Shortly after Zackulback’s house returned to Back Island, they had found that Skeltonar had been plotting his revenge. Skeltonar was in the process of developing a device that could vaporize cats into grains of sand. This called Zackulback into action. He traveled across the sea to various islands where Skeltonar’s henchmen were known to be operating and defeated each of their leaders.

Eventually, Zackulback came face to face with Skeltonar himself at Bone Island. Teaming up with Zanduelback, Zackulback managed to defeat Skeltonar putting an end to his evil schemes for good.

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