The planet of Gophertopia was made entirely for hosting a peaceful community revolving around the Gopher species. Gophers can freely play around and eat candy without any responsibility. It is ruled over by the Gopher Queen, a witch that strives to make the perfect paradise of cute and cuddly animals – which exclusively consists of Gophers.

While a seemingly peaceful world, Gophertopia is full of many dark secrets. In reality, Gophertopia is a nightmarish police state that actively siphons resources from conquered worlds (known as the Resource Worlds) to maintain the paradise. The native Gophers have an intelligence equivalent to being lobotomized, but they are treated as the top priority regardless of any other life. This means Gophertopian police will steal candy from starving children to give to Gophers. And if anyone is unfortunate enough to make a Gopher cry even on accident, an elite squad will retaliate often with lethal force.

The planet consists of a large ocean with a single Gopher-shaped continent filled with luscious green fields. The planet’s sun has a smiling Gopher face on it.


There are five main laws of Gophertopia. There are only five because the Gopher Queen doesn’t actually know how to write a complex legal system for a government. All other rules are unwritten and are up to interpretation and discretion of the Gopher Queen and her subordinates. The Gophertopia Rules that are written down are as follows:

1. Everything belongs to the Gophers.

2. Do whatever a Gopher says.

3. Do whatever the Queen says.

4. Making a Gopher cry will send you to jail.

5. Anything bad that happens is never the fault of the Gophers.

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