Desert Lands

The Desert Lands is a region of Mamphibireptile covered in miles upon miles of sand. Ancient pyramids and other ruins are buried throughout, hidden in the dunes. Despite the Desert Lands’ harsh conditions, life thrives in this area just as much as any other major biome of Mamphibireptile.

Native flora and fauna

  • Dugzard – A burrowing lizard with only two frontal legs. They live communally in large underground burrows
  • Avstone – A flying creature. Though it has a rough, rocky carapace, it uses its powerful wings and a self-generated magnetic field to push itself above the ground, allowing it to stay aloft.
  • Blind Stingwinder – An eyeless snake-like creature with a horn capable of injecting a deadly poison. It competes with the Fuegiron for territory. Other names for this creature include the Stingenoid and the Stingeworm.
  • Fuegiron – A falcon-like bird with shiny, metallic feathers capable of breathing fire. It commonly preys on lizards and small mammals.
  • Desert Beetle- A small beetle that roams the desert. In its larval stage, it is often prey, but rises up the food chain as it matures.
  • Furgrain- A primate that eats lizards and snakes. It is one of the most intelligent creatures in the region.
  • Desert Planteeth- A carnivorous plant that eats anything that steps in its mouth. If it is able to grow big enough, it could eat a human.
  • Fanged Stingwinder – A subspecies of Stingwinder where its horn-like protrusion is on its tail.
  • Cactline- A cat that has a cactus body and a flower on its head. To protect itself, it camouflages with other cactus plants. Scientists do not know whether it is a plant or animal.
  • Beargoph- A small-bear like mammal similar to a prairie dog. It eats Dugzard but often falls prey to Fuegiron.
  • Gigawale- A desert whale that is the top of the food chain. If you see the sand rumbling in an empty spot of the desert, a Gigawale is about to feed.
  • Sand Shark- A shark that swims in sand. It has been known to eat unsuspecting, small mammals and invade Dugzard burrows.
  • Erahtibar- A rabbit that is nearly harmless as a youngling. However, as an adults it has been known to be able to severely wound a Furgrain.
  • Foxivul- A nocturnal fox-like creature that hunts other animals in their sleep.
  • Desert Gigonster- A large four-legged predator that appears as a muscular behemoth. It has been known to terrorize campers in the desert without any reason.
  • Desert Dwarfonster- A dwarf Gigonster that has longer horns. However, it is far less aggressive and only attacks if it feels threatened.
  • Carnacticus- A cactus that feeds on cute animals. It emits an intoxicating gas that causes them to hallucinate. It then lures them with its candy-shaped tongue, then eats the prey.

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