White Mouse

The White Mice are a species of white-furred rodents from an alien world. They are known for their invasion to steal and eat the galaxy’s cheese. Their heads are in the shape of a teddy bear. They are lead by the Evil Hand – a magic floating pink devil hand.

The White Mice are believed to be precursors to the Common Gophers having similar voracious tendencies. However, the White Mice are far more intelligent, and they will active harass their targets. Their signature phrase when they are about to attack is “I want some cheese, right now!”

White Mice are also highly explosive. When damaged, they will combust – yielding an output similar to that of a hand grenade.

While sometimes compared to the Gophers, White Mice as individuals are far more intelligent and are capable of skillfully coordinating their attacks. Zackulback was able to fend them off, but not without losing much Galaxy Cheese to them. White Mice were even spotted invading Laser Industries during the incident when Dr. Scroorup had accidentally turned evil from drinking a tampered potion.

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