Moucat City

Moucat City is the largest city on Mamphibireptile covering approximately one fifth of the mainland continent. Founded in 1776, Moucat City is considered a main hub of civilization.

Older districts tend to bear a resemblance to 20th century New York City while newer areas are much more futuristic with taller, chrome-colored skyscrapers.

The city is inhabited by humans and other animals such as dogs, cats and mice. The current mayor is the bearded dragon Spyny while the sentient block of cheese Senator Cheesy Pea also lived here.

Moucat City’s day-to-day energy needs are met by Laser Industries, a power plant near the coast on the Laser Peninsula. Laser Industries makes use of Power Gems which are overseen by Dr. Scroorup and his assistant Lazer-743.

Points of interest

  • Piggy Bank – The largest bank in the world, the Piggy Bank is a large building shaped like a pig where citizens can store their money.
  • Hectocopter Landing Pad – A spaceport where anyone with a hectocopter can go to and from space.

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