Luggsina is an evil baby mouse notorious for her selfish attitude, for bullying others and for eating just about everything – including people. She is from Mamphibireptile’s moon, Beaunu, which is a tropical ocean world.

Luggsina is the archnemesis of Zackulback. She wants to kill him because she claims he was mean to her.


Luggsina, despite being referred to as a mouse, moreso has the appearance of a grey teddy bear. She has no tail nor does she have any fingers or toes. Luggsina typically wears a hula outfit all the time as she has deluded herself into thinking that it is always summer. Here eyes are simple black dots with eyelashes around them, and she has a yellow muzzle.


Luggsina can best be described as purely evil and sadistic. Although she talks in a very primitive, basic way and many assume her to be very dumb, Luggsina is in fact very cunning and can easily manipulate others to her bidding. As a result, her mother Mamouse spoils her.

She is described as highly delusional and narcissistic. She desires little more than to fulfill her gluttonous desires and to completely conquer and subjugate anyone and everyone. She will lie, cheat and steal in any unfair way she can, and will intimidate and bully others. She also has complete disregard for the lives of others as she will devour nearly anyone she pleases. While her mother Mamouse does not approve of her eating others, her punishments are comparatively light – such as only being grounded for one week for killing someone.


Luggsina’s jaw can unhinge itself and she can swallow almost anything whole, including things bigger than herself. For the most part, this is the main way she disposes of her enemies.

Luggsina can also do a puppy-dog face which can effectively trick anyone into thinking she’s completely innocent no matter what heinous crime she just committed.

Luggsina also drives around a red convertible which she chooses to cause destruction and damage all throughout major cities.

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