Conversion to HTML5

So browsers have been updated so that flash doesn’t work so great anymore. This calls for a migration over to HTML5. This process will take some time, but it will be implemented soon enough.

13 minutes of footage from Light World

Good new and bad news. Bad news is, I’ve been procrastinating on my smaller Clickteam Fusion Games. Good news is, I’ve made a lot of progress with Light World. Here’s 13 minutes of footage showing a dungeon, some bosses and some scripted sequences.

More Screenshots

Some sneak peeks at the current projects being worked on. LIGHT WORLD Here are a few more screenshots of Light World. After getting a hold of 3DS Max, I created some models to create a fully three-dimensional area. No textures yet, but this is generally what the more visually complex regions of the game will… Continue reading More Screenshots

New YouTube Video: Skyrim mod

A little surprise project I’ve been working on. Four years ago, I created several dungeons in Skyrim inspired by Daemonheim, a prominent location featured in the MMO RuneScape. Now, I’ve resumed work on it, and this little video showcases the exterior and the Frozen Floors. Stay tuned! Later this month will come a video showing… Continue reading New YouTube Video: Skyrim mod

Blog: Upcoming site overhaul

My experiments with HTML (as well as setting up a relaunch of as a MediaWiki site) has got me into thinking of ways the Krayfish Entertainment site can be improved. I can say WordPress has gotten me very far in three years, but now I’ve been thinking of ways to better integrate everything and… Continue reading Blog: Upcoming site overhaul

Blog: HTML 5 games

It’s been some time since my last post, but that’s because I’ve actually been hard at work on my games (that and I tend to be fairly secretive until I’m actually ready to announce anything).  So as some of you may recall, my original intent was to put up Laser Industries 3 in HTML 5,… Continue reading Blog: HTML 5 games