New video footage of Light World

Just a quick, unofficial video of my progress in Light World so far. I recorded this directly from the editor.

This shows off some new features I added such as a party menu, inventory and an options menu. A few more sound effects and graphics were added, too. The music was made by a collaboration of myself and TheTimMan who created reorchestrations of my original melodies. He also did the character portraits seen in the dialogue box.

The new monsters (everything in the Bestiary from the Gargoyle downward) were done by ZachAttackProductions. I haven’t put in all of their menu portraits yet, but he designed 40+ monsters, and all of them are functional, fight-able entities.

There were a few mechanics updates as well. The constitution and willpower stats now determine your max HP and MP respectively. Stats can also be temporarily modified as well. The screech move used by the shadow enemies lower your defense for example.