New game: Ultimate Quest

A Micro Game has been knocked off the 2016 Resolutions List. That game is Ultimate Quest, and you can check it out here! This is the first game on the site to be released in HTML5.

About this game:

Ultimate Quest was originally created for a demonstration on how to make a 2D sidescroller with Clickteam Fusion. It was made in the span of a week all while I was instructing students on how to make their own game just like it. Thus, I kept it very short and simple.

Years later, I found this game again in my archived files and figured I should update it. I left the original game almost exactly the way it was with a few tiny additions as well as code clean up. However, this time, I exported the game into HTML5 seeing as Flash is being phased out. I’ll admit the window area around it could look prettier as I’m fairly nooby at HTML, Javascript and CSS, but the game should function just as any other one. One of the cool benefits is that the game doesn’t have to load all the data at the start so that you can start playing right away when the game has yet to fully load. Granted, Ultimate Quest is a very small game so the load times should be almost negligible for those with decent Internet connections, but larger games (any of the Big Games that will get ported to HTML5) that use this model allow you to play it faster.

Also, the game can actually load on mobile devices although it’s not currently playable. Opening in the game on a mobile device will result in your character just standing there, but in the future, proper controls can be implemented. The future plan is to have all of my games also playable on mobile devices coupled with cloud saving to allow greater accessibility, but in the mean time, enjoy the game on your browser!