New game: Ultimate Quest

A Micro Game has been knocked off the 2016 Resolutions List. That game is Ultimate Quest, and you can check it out here! This is the first game on the site to be released in HTML5. About this game: Ultimate Quest was originally created for a demonstration on how to make a 2D sidescroller with… Continue reading New game: Ultimate Quest

Light World Footage!

It’s finally here! Some actual video footage of Project:Light World! I don’t really have a solid ETA on when Light World will be finished, but I’ll try to aim for a full game release in July 2017. It will be available to play from a browser when it’s done, and it should also be able… Continue reading Light World Footage!

New game – Krayfish Math

Krayfish Entertainment sees the release of its first educational game, a shoot-em-up themed around solving math problems on the fly.  Play it here! About: Despite initial appearances, this was surprisingly never actually a class project I had to do back during the days of middle and high school, but in fact something I created fairly… Continue reading New game – Krayfish Math

New Game: Regular Pong

Fancy some pong?  Krayfish Entertainment now has its own version here. When my friends ask me about how I’m able to make games, I like to show them me creating pong in a matter of seconds as a parlour trick.  All fun and good, but I never actually saved any of these versions, just closing Clickteam… Continue reading New Game: Regular Pong

New Micro Game: FireWall

Another micro game called FireWall has been released featuring the titular computer program that defends a computer from invading spam and viruses.  It’s been converted to Flash keeping everything as it was back in 2006. In other news… For the major games announced to be released by the summer of 2015, here’s a status update:… Continue reading New Micro Game: FireWall

My Very First Two Games: Zackulback Adventures Classic and HedgeHockey

Today, we go way back to the beginning of my gamemaking around a decade ago.  I introduce you to the two games I originally created during my time at iD Tech Camps summer of 2005.  They’ve been converted to Flash though the visuals and sound were kept exactly as they were back then (minus tiny… Continue reading My Very First Two Games: Zackulback Adventures Classic and HedgeHockey