Blog: Upcoming site overhaul

My experiments with HTML (as well as setting up a relaunch of as a MediaWiki site) has got me into thinking of ways the Krayfish Entertainment site can be improved. I can say WordPress has gotten me very far in three years, but now I’ve been thinking of ways to better integrate everything and overall make the site better, and eventually break away from WordPress altogether.

As of now, Project: Light World is likely going to be a browser game. Unreal Engine is able to compile in HTML5 which should work out perfectly, but it’s got me juggling other ideas in my head. What about reworking large portions of the site to break away from the WordPress formatting to make it flow into the HTML5 games? What about having more connectivity between all the games somehow like saving your progress on the server rather than just on your local device? These are just ideas, and granted, I can only do one site relaunch at a time (Omniverse Nexus will come first!), but this will be a long term goal for Krayfish Entertainment which I will continue striving for throughout the year.

In the meantime though, this month Krayfish Entertainment will be getting at least one or two Clickteam Fusion games as well as some video footage of Project: Light World. Until I’ve completed planning out the site overhaul, I’m going to keep releasing contentin the usual format.