Krayfish Entertainment 2016 Resolutions

Krayfish Entertainment is about to hit its three year mark, so we’ll start off with a look at what’s coming for the future.  Here is the list of things you can expect to see in 2016.

Project: Light World Updates

I’ve revealed a good chunk of information on this blog, going into detail as to what the game is about and where I am so far.  In short, it’s a fantasy RPG set in a 3D world with 2D characters with a large focus on storytelling.  Coming this March, I will show off some gameplay footage of an early prototype.

Laser Industries 4

Later this year, I’ll be wrapping up the four-part Laser Industries saga that I created ten years ago.  You will be able to play as both the android Lazer-743 and the duck Dr. Scroorup to escape from the Planet Graveyard as you fight off the last remnants of Gophers.  Being set right after the destruction of Gophertopia, this game will take a darker turn, but still maintain the chew toy comedy that has run throughout the entire series.  And because of the scale of this game, I’ll be classifying this one as a “Big Game” alongside the likes of Droplet and Seedling.

More Micro Games

I still have a few more micro games I created back in the day that have yet to be released.  Among them include the following:

  • The Ultimate Quest – Perhaps the most popular incarnation of my platform game demonstrations, this game involves the traditional knight going into a castle of undead and orcs to slay a giant, red dragon.  This will be a straightforward, linear platformer.
  • Racing Game (working title) – I’ve created demonstrations of platformers, shoot-em ups, tower defense, and even racing games.  However, of all of those, the site has yet to see a racing game of its own, so it’s time to dig up an old .mfa file and restore it.
  • Art of Making Money – A little board game video game I created in 2006.  Small scale and quite fun, though it needs work.
  • The Trophy Tower – Created in 2005, this was my first game to feature a scrolling screen, this is a top-down action game featuring a blue, spiky haired boy travelling around the world to defeat and monsters and stop the evil king of darkness.
  • Voyage of the Silver Eagle – Rather than remaking this one as I originally intended, I’m going to be releasing the original 2006 version but with a few names changed around.  For those who haven’t been up to speed, Voyage of the Silver Eagle is a game loosely inspired by the novel The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.

Of course, these may not be the only games released this year.  In a spur of the moment, I may come up with new ideas like I did for the previous Krayfish Math game.  We’ll see what the future holds!

Spring Cleaning

Throughout the year, I’m going to go back to my games adding all sorts of bug fixes and quality of life updates.  Smoother, improved gameplay everywhere you go.

HTML5 Conversions

While I most likely won’t be able to do all the games this year due to the sheer scale of how many I have to do, I will be converting some of my smaller games into HTML5, and possibly add support for mobile devices if things go well.