New game: Elementals

A new game has been uploaded titled Elementals which features three playable characters and a non linear level design. Check it out here.

New game: Zackulback Adventures

A new game called Zackulback Adventures has been released. It is a sidescroller action game, and a remake of the first game Karl Ast ever created.

New game: Eraser

A new shoot-em-up game called Eraser has been added to the site. Check it out here.

New game: Porpoise Frenzy

It’s been one year since this site was established.  To celebrate the occasion, a new arcade-style game has been released.  Play it here! Porpoise Frenzy is a space shooter originally created with Multimedia Fusion 1.5 in the year 2005.  It has since been restored with updated graphics and coding.

New forum launched!

A forum has been created for this site. Users can now give feedback or discuss the site in a more user-friendly location.

New game released!

A new 2D sidescroller has been uploaded to the games section of the website.  It is currently in beta form, but has six playable levels.  The game will be updated every Friday until its TBA date of completion.

Dipping into the water

Krayfish Entertainment is a new ambitious project.  This website is under construction. Krayfish Entertainment will involve original games, music, stories and other contents.