Lucky Cyberpunk level redesign – Droplet: State of Matter

Hey guys! Krayfishkarl here, and welcome to another Droplet: States of Matter update! Early Access 1.17 is now available! This update features a rework of the Lucky Cyberpunk level. I have almost completely redesigned it to have new theming and atmosphere. The level was also moved to the Radon Industries hub world, switching places with Abyssal Fissure in order to better balance the game’s difficulty curve.

Like the Weather Machine Test Site from the previous video, part of why I redesigned Lucky Cyberpunk was that it was originally built around the mechanics of the 2018 Droplet prototype such as a fixed camera angle. The new layout for Lucky Cyberpunk takes only loose inspiration from the original design. The reason why I changed it was to make it more unique from the Weather Machine Test Site, as both levels had similar mechanics involving platforms that changed states of matter.

While I originally envisioned Lucky Cyberpunk as an indoor night club, I found that expanding it to be an outdoor city helped to support the camera system which works much more fluidly in open areas as opposed to tight corridors. Not to mention, the more open area allows for a much better appreciation of the surrounding environment. By rearranging the platforms to take better advantage of the more open space, I was able to greatly improve upon the level’s visual aesthetic.

I chose Radon Industries as the new hub world for this level to better serve with that area’s high-tech, industrial theme. It also helped with the worldbuilding by serving as a nighttime counterpart to the Chrome Skyscrapers level.

On the other hand, Abyssal Fissure was moved to later in the game because it was much more mechanically complex compared to other Radon Industries levels. I also felt that its more exotic, naturalistic environment was better fitting of a different hub world.

That’s all for now! And with that, thank you for following the development of Droplet: States of Matter!

Patch Notes EA1.17

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an out of bounds bug involving the form-changing platforms.
  • Fixed a physics bug where you get launched into the air after defeating a Rave Rat via melee.
  • Fixed an incorrect graphic in the final boss fight.


  • Lucky Cyberpunk graphically updated.
  • Updated search light graphics.
  • Updated scrolling effects on Form Changer Robots and Sill E. Con’s ship.


  • New layout for Lucky Cyberpunk
  • Moved Lucky Cyberpunk portal to Radon Industries to where Chrome Skyscrapers was. Moved Chrome Skyscrapers to where Abyssal Fissure was. Abyssal Fissure is now in Krypton Estate.
  • Game Over screen no longer appears in hub areas.
  • Push blocks now move consistently across levels.
  • Blocker Robots no longer shoot projectiles if attacked while in the death animation. They are also immune to melee attacks.
  • Rave Rats are now immune to punching as they are now considered large enemies. Their health was also increased.
  • Slot machine boxes are now consistent.


  • Reordered Galactic Science Expo in status menu.