The Future of Droplet: States of Matter

Hey guys, Krayfishkarl here. I have an important announcement to make in regards to the development cycle for the rest of the game.

So far, I have been consistent with updates approximately once per month since the game’s original early access launch in March 2021. However, in the interest of delivering a finished product in a more reasonable amount of time, I’ve come to a very tough decision. I’ve decided to remove approximately half of the levels in Droplet: States of Matter. This would bring the level count from nearly 60 to around 30.

I am well aware that this is fewer than what I originally advertised on the Steam page. However, most of the removed levels do not fully represent the quality standard I’m striving for in the game. I strongly believe that removing these levels will enable me to spend more time making sure the game will be a complete, satisfying experience upon full launch.

The removed levels will be retrofitted into their own, separate content. While I have yet to decide the format, they will likely take the shape as either DLC or as a sequel to Droplet: States of Matter.

As of this announcement, the removal has not yet been implemented into the live game. Not only do I still need to make the necessary modifications, but I also wanted to give everyone a heads up in advance. The removal of these levels will go live upon the release of the Frozen Fortress graphical update which I expect to release later this month.

And with that, thank you for following the development of Droplet: States of Matter!