User database purge

The user database has just been purged of spam accounts. If you were legitimate user and your account got deleted, don’t worry. This site’s original social media functions are outdated, and I much rather you go to the Discord. A revamp of the site is still in the works.

Site content spring cleaning underway

After doing much research and learning of WordPress’s expanded editing capabilities, I decided to continue the WordPress format of the site. I’ll be updating the site’s expanded universe section as I go. Keep in mind that some pages may have their URLs changes or be removed entirely.

What’s next for this site?

I’m planning by the start of 2020 to do a complete overhaul of the site. I’m going to be abandoning WordPress and shifting over to MediaWiki like the sister site Omniverse Nexus. This will be a significant undertaking as both sites will need to upgraded simultaneously due to both sharing the same server. However, there… Continue reading What’s next for this site?

Status of the Site

So it’s been a while since this site has last been updated. Fret not. I’ve still been hard at work. I’m active on this Discord channel in case you didn’t know: Oh yeah and I’m making a third Droplet game called Droplet: States of Matter. Check it out on the Unreal Engine forums: It’s pretty… Continue reading Status of the Site