New Game: Porpoise A Civil War

A new game has been released titled Porpoise A Civil War.  It serves as a sequel to Porpoise Frenzy having five stages each with a boss fight.  It’s been quite a busy past few months with me trying to balance my personal life, Omniverse Nexus and Krayfish Entertainment all at once, but now, I’ve finally got around to finishing this one off.

A bit of history:

I originally created Porpoise A Civil War around 2011 as a prototype when I was demonstrating to a classroom how to create 2D space shooter games using Multimedia Fusion 2.0.  The initial project was made in only the span of five days, but afterwards, I took some time to improve and expand upon it around mid 2014.  I added more enemy varieties as well as autoscrolling to keep the action flowing making it much larger in scope than all my previous shooters. (It’s about the size of Zackulback Adventures 2014 Edition.)   I had even planned to redo the graphics entirely using 3D models, but ultimately procrastination took over and I put it on hold for well…a very long time.  Not wanting to risk the game becoming vaporware, I settled with the graphical style I used back when making the game for the first time and focused more on polishing the gameplay.

It’s been a long bumpy road for this game, but it’s finally here now.  In a long list of platforming games on this site, this one is a shoot ’em up.

In other news:

I haven’t forgotten about Seedling: Dawn of Children.  After proofreading the story a few times, I’ve found the need to alter earlier chapters – not enough to significantly change the plot, but some additions here and there are needed to better lead up to the upcoming chapters.  I’ll be elaborating more on what these changes are later on.