S’more Progress Updates

Just putting up a message on how things are going.  My real life schedule has been pretty packed, so pace has slowed down some.

Project: Light World

Good progress has made with a prototype battle system.  Melee attacks and magic projectiles have been added for the player character that calculate damage based on stats, but I still need to do the same for the enemies.

Laser Industries 3

Needs a lot of polishing, but otherwise steady progress.  I’ll be releasing this game in HTML5 just to test how it will work with the rest of the site.  Conversion of the other games will come later since it’s not quite a simple process.  Like Flash, the HTML5 has its own quirks in the export module and I’ll have to properly account for that.  The differences are significant enough that I may have to redo the conversion process for some games entirely.  Also, I’m not in a good position at the moment to do the voice acting (need a quiet room during a certain time of the day where I won’t be disturbed), but I’ll get around to it since it’s the last thing I usually do when making a game.