New Game: Regular Pong

Fancy some pong?  Krayfish Entertainment now has its own version here.

When my friends ask me about how I’m able to make games, I like to show them me creating pong in a matter of seconds as a parlour trick.  All fun and good, but I never actually saved any of these versions, just closing Clickteam Fusion without saving it.  Then one day, I needed a diversion from other day-to-day activities so this time, I created an official version of pong sporadically out of the blue.  (HedgeHockey is just a prototype game so I don’t really count it.)   This version of pong (officially titled “Regular Pong”) has a two player mode as well as a single player against an AI in an endless game.

So that’s that.  Oh, and there’s a hidden impossible mode thrown in just for fun.  If you have enough time to spare, see if you can find it.