Nostalgia Treasure Trove: Spam Zapper

Spam Zapper has now been released!  Play it here!

A bit of history:

Spam Zapper was one of the earliest games I created going back to November 2005.  At that time, I had only been making experimental games with Zackulback, but I had yet to make a game that used the eight directions movement.  Spam Zapper was my first attempt to make such a game, and it was in good condition when I found it on the hard drive, so I cleaned up a few of the bugs and updated some of the graphics.

This is one of those numerous micro games that I want to get out on my site to increase the total game count after making such large projects such as Droplet and Seedling.  Spam Zapper, while difficult and challenging, should take less than two minutes to play from start to finish.