New Micro Game: FireWall

Another micro game called FireWall has been released featuring the titular computer program that defends a computer from invading spam and viruses.  It’s been converted to Flash keeping everything as it was back in 2006.

In other news…

For the major games announced to be released by the summer of 2015, here’s a status update:

  • Zackulback sequel – The title of this game will be “Zackulback: The Sidekick’s Sidestory”.  Travel around a fantasy planet as the winged rat Zanduelback to defeat the cybernetic Buggsina.   The original, unaltered version is mostly completed, but it has a lot of bugs.  It was my first attempt at a large scale game.
  • Untitled story game – The title of this game will be “Voyage of the Silver Eagle” and will be something like an interactive short story.  A young girl travels on an airship and discovers that the mysterious things occur in the sky.
  • Porpoise A Civil War – Still being worked on, but is fairly low priority.  I want to get my older micro games out first since this game has a scope comparable to Chef Pierre’s Cooking Craziness.  Not to mention, I still need to draw all the 3D models for the ships.