My Very First Two Games: Zackulback Adventures Classic and HedgeHockey

Today, we go way back to the beginning of my gamemaking around a decade ago.  I introduce you to the two games I originally created during my time at iD Tech Camps summer of 2005.  They’ve been converted to Flash though the visuals and sound were kept exactly as they were back then (minus tiny changes as a result of a transfer from Multimedia Fusion 1.5 to Multimedia Fusion Developer 2.0).

  • HedgeHockey – This was a game that was created in the classroom when I was in the process of learning for the first time.  The goal was just to make a pong-type game where you could throw snowballs at one another.  More or less, this one’s a prototype rather than a complete game, but I put it up here anyway just out of nostalgia and historical purposes.
  • Zackulback Adventures Classic – During the class, we were also instructed to make our own game about anything we wanted.  The goal was to have at least five levels, several different sound effects, and a music track.  Here, this is where Zackulback was brought to life as a 2D animated sprite.  Keen observers might notice that the entirety of this game is actually the first level of the more up to date Zackulback Adventures, but as a standalone, it’s comparable in length to Spam Zapper and Gweeky’s Journey Through the Sky.