Droplet – Update 1.0.1

A new version of Droplet has been released.  Below are a list of changes:

Bug fixes:

-Fixed a bug that disallowed water form from jumping while standing at the edge of water pools.
-The Buzzes no longer jitter when close to the edge of the screen.
-Fixed issue where grappling animation doesn’t play when latching onto two-block high ledges.
-Fixed a wall in Haunted Bastion with missing collision (not that secret-looking one you may or may not have found.)


-Added tutorial replacing the previous practice mode.
-Adjusted a ledge in Prime Grassland.
-Moved an atom in Evaporated Cove.
-Increased activation radius for Spynys.
-Added a few extra blocks in the ravine area of Evaporated Cove to make backtracking easier.
-Lowered toxic pool in Evaporated Cove by 32 pixels.
-Slowed down interval at which the Bud Serpent bites you slightly.
-Disallowed the ability to pick up water molecules if health is full. When unable to be collected, water molecules will appear transparent.
-Spawning after falling into toxic or lava is less abrupt.
-Added a few blocks to Bronze Skyscrapers.
-Lowered a conveyor belt in Bronze Skyscrapers by 128 pixels.
-Camera now jumps instantaneously to the player if off screen.
-Added a confirmation to exit the levels.
-Added an extra torch to Bronze Skyscrapers to prevent the player from getting trapped.
-Added a cheat code to start the game with 30 lives. (If you know anything about 30 lives and cheat codes, you’ll know it.)
-New loading screen with minigame to play while you wait.

Graphics and Aesthetics:

-Darkened Instructions screen background box.
-Moved Newton’s Cradles to appear behind Mr. Droplet.
-Animated teleporter beacons.
-Darkened shades of Spynys.
-Added biohazard signs to Haunted Bastion.
-Enabled vertical scrolling for the background buildings in Bronze Skyscrapers.
-Recolored the toxic pools to purple.
-Animations reset slightly sooner after climbing up ledge.
-Added more frames to the clock.


-New sound effects for collecting atoms and molecules as well as charging ammo.
-Sped up Laboratory music theme.
-Sound effects for falling in toxic.
-Added several more enemy sound effects.


-Shortened instructions screen to coincide with new tutorial.
-Changed dialogue in Prime Grassland to inform you to jump on Atom Thieves.
-Added advice on how to deal with the Bud Serpents.
-Game Over screen now tells you to post in the forums if you found a bug.
-Changed some text on the preloader.


-Removed unused music track from the game’s code. (For those curious, it was an earlier version of the Prime Grassland theme.)
-Cleaned up some of the Garro’s collision code.
-Camera starts off in different position in Dr. Stratus’s lab to fix positioning issue.

If you find any more bugs, please report them in the forums here.