Droplet: Update 1.0.2

Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug where you can swim in air by exiting from the title screen while underwater.
-Fixed another wall in Haunted Bastion with missing collision. (Yet again, not that other one.)
-Fixed a graphical glitch where a Garro may appear in the firing animation when sunk in lava.
-Fixed a bug that caused the player to earn an extra life if they collected a total of 30 atoms across all levels.

Graphics and Aesthetics
-New particle effects for ice shattering.
-Added braziers to the short flames in Bronze Skyscrapers.

-Added some more blocks to Bronze Skyscrapers.
-Added save feature which records your progress every time you return to Dr. Stratus’s lab. (Note: Not fully tested yet. Please report any bugs you find.)

-Mentioned the ability to walk on toxic in the tutorial.
-Corrected version number.

-Made the moving platforms in Bronze Skyscrapers the same as the rest of the game.
-Updated the collision failsafe system to fix numerous bugs where one could get stuck.