Droplet: States of Matter Version EA1.10 – Macro Kitchen Graphical and Music Update

Hey guys, Krayfishkarl here with another Droplet: States of Matter update! Version EA1.10 is now available. This patch features a graphical and musical rework for Macro Kitchen.

I’ve been pretty busy as of late, but hopefully, you’ll enjoy this update just in time for Christmas!

Patch Notes EA1.10

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some water from Radiant Reactor was in the Persistent Level.
  • Fixed an oversight where you could collect the rewards in the Science Museum without having to have properly attained the criteria for them.


  • Updated graphics and layout for Macro Kitchen.
  • Updated graphics for the room in Krypton Estate where the Macro Kitchen portal is located.
  • Graphical update to fork enemies. They now have three other variants which are spoons, knives and sporks.
  • Changed some arches in Pompeii and Circumstance.
  • State changers and crystals now spin independently of framerate.
  • New animations for Lord Krypton.
  • The Fire Grunts now dance during the Lord Krypton battle.
  • Removed “Finish” text from level exits.


  • New music for Macro Kitchen.
  • Updated sound effects for TV screens.
  • Area sound added to sink area in Macro Kitchen.


  • Hopping utensils are now immune to cloud form.
  • Changed the way pendulums swing. Pendulums now make an audible swinging sound.
  • You are now fully healed after defeating the final boss.
  • New enemies in Macro Kitchen: Cheese Slugs, Fire Imps and Ice Cream Cyclopes.
  • Added a garbage disposal obstacle to Macro Kitchen. It will suck you in if you get too close.
  • Changed camera behavior around drawbridge objects.
  • Different time requirements for Macro Kitchen. If you had previous progress in this level, your completion status may change after this update.


  • Copyright text now disappears after pressing start.


  • Slight performance improvements with warp portals and state change drones.
  • Mechanisms for a (currently disabled) demo mode added. Coming in a future update.