Droplet: States of Matter – Radiant Reactor Update!

Hey guys! Krayfishkarl here with another Droplet: States of Matter update! Early Access 1.9 is now available! This is a smaller update than the last one, but the main feature is a graphical rework of Radiant Reactor, a level found in the game’s final hub world Oganesson Labs.

Radiant Reactor is one of the game’s most challenging levels where the player’s knowledge of the states of matter will be pushed to their limits. The premise of this level is that toxic waste will cause you to gradually turn to plasma form. Throughout much of the area, battery-like enemies will shock the floor at regular intervals. Be on the lookout for hopping one-legged elephants and mutant, electric dogs.

You’ll also have to swim in radioactive water where you must watch out for electric eels and jellyfish. And there’s a hidden boss fight with a hydra, where each of its heads can only be taken down with a specific state of matter.

The underwater sections have air pockets that you can swim in, a mechanic that only appears in one other level besides this one. Normally, upon touching the surface of water in cloud form, you’ll immediately turn to water form. However, these air pockets allow you to swim underwater in cloud form, which affects how you navigate the level. Some of these air pockets move around meaning you’ll have to time how you swim with them.

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Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Shock Dogs and Shockers have been repositioned so that they don’t appear to be floating.


  • Radiant Reactor graphically updated.
  • Water texture color changed.
  • Toxic texture tiling changed.
  • Added a crane graphic to Humphry’s lab to hold up the floating box.


  • Sound effects added for electrocuted floor.
  • Sound effects added for Coriphant.