Droplet: States of Matter – Particle Accelerator Graphical Update and Tutorial Changes!

Hey guys! Krayfishkarl here with another Droplet: States of Matter update! Early Access 1.14 is now available! This patch contains a graphical rework of the Particle Accelerator level! I’ve made the level slightly longer and more challenging than it was before.

Particle Accelerator is the penultimate level of the game – its entrance portal is found near that of the final boss. As a result, it’s one of the most challenging levels in the game. You’ll face a gauntlet of obstacles and puzzles that will test your understanding of the game’s core mechanics.

This level is also one of the few where the default state of matter is plasma form. As such, its challenges are presented in a way that is unique from every other level in the game.

In other news, I made some more tweaks to the Galactic Science Expo. After observing how people played the game on YouTube and Twitch, I decided to make some tweaks based on their common reactions.

I’ve updated the area that teaches players how to shoot to ensure they would have a better understanding of the aiming controls. I’ve also replaced another part of the tutorial with a section about hardlight bridges. This was to better convey to the player about what plasma form’s abilities were.

That’s all for now! And with that, thank you for following the development of Droplet: States of Matter!

Patch Notes EA1.14

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some misplaced geometry in Macro Kitchen.
  • Various misplaced box fixes.
  • Flying cars now properly despawn at the correct time when exiting levels.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not return to the Galactic Science Expo under certain circumstances.


  • Updated graphics for Particle Accelerator level.
  • Atom electrons no longer cast shadows.
  • Updated the toxic in Toxic Bog.
  • Sky sphere added to Lucky Cyberpunk.


  • Changed the approach music to Princess Cara Bonnie’s arena.
  • Sound effects added for drone enemies.


  • Particle Accelerator made slightly longer and more challenging.
  • New time trial requirements for Particle Accelerator. If you have preexisting save data, you may gain or lose the gold crystal/Kray Time.
  • Drones and UFO’s are now immune to cloud form (given that they are made of metal).
  • Removed the ability for charged shots to destroy metal crates. This was breaking a lot of intended puzzle mechanics involving reaching a metal box in time. Adjusted some metal boxes to compensate.
  • Slightly moved some atoms in Mangrove Marsh.
  • Redesigned some parts of the Galactic Science Expo to feel less cramped. Also replaced the section about charged shots with one about hardlight to better communicate plasma form’s unique abilities.


  • More tutorial hint updates.


  • Reworked some internal logic with the moving arrow platforms.
  • Fixed an issue with the way the atom counting debug command worked.