Seedling: Major Update

Seedling has officially entered a 98% complete beta phase of development.  Play it here. New updates: Improved graphics to title screen Redrew player character to fill more of the collision box. Added a tutorial quest along with a narrative Redrew the majority of the enemies Replaced background graphics to reduce file size Moved the worm… Continue reading Seedling: Major Update

Droplet minor update 1.0.1

This is just a minor update to fix some glitches: Fixed frozen animations for the Shellfire and the Watt. Disabled a debugging command that could kill the final boss instantly. Added a fix that prevents the final boss from spawn camping you. Fixed a glitch in the Lava Temple where the breakable blocks failed to… Continue reading Droplet minor update 1.0.1

Droplet out of beta!

The final version of Droplet is now live.  Below are among the new features: Content Three new levels Boss stages Cutscenes Improvements to music Miscellaneous graphical improvements Ability to have three different save files Technical Game is coded more efficiently, cutting down memory size by more than 7 MB.  The game should load much faster… Continue reading Droplet out of beta!

New game released: Seedling

A new playable flash game has been released. It is currently in the alpha stage – out on the Web mainly to gather feedback regarding gameplay, controls and to find bugs. Seedling was originally created in 2010, though it was never finished. The 2013 version is based on old storyboards and concept art, and while… Continue reading New game released: Seedling

Droplet: Update 1.0.2

Bug Fixes -Fixed a bug where you can swim in air by exiting from the title screen while underwater. -Fixed another wall in Haunted Bastion with missing collision. (Yet again, not that other one.) -Fixed a graphical glitch where a Garro may appear in the firing animation when sunk in lava. -Fixed a bug that… Continue reading Droplet: Update 1.0.2