Update A1.1 – New version of Dreamwalkers available

UPDATE VERSION A1.1 – Aug 24 2017

This update provides a lot of miscellaneous fixes and quality of life improvements in response to the initial feedback of the original release.

-New title screen visuals.
-Skills in cooldown will show partial black shading of its respective menu icon while skills that cannot be used for other reasons will be slightly transparent.
-Added outlines to menu texts.
-New placeholder images to replace white boxes.
-Smoothed out animations in credit sequences
-Made the skill cast bar transparent.
-Status conditions are now visibly indicated via icons.

-Multiple save files added. You can have three.
-Added a togglable fast mode for battles. Fast mode does not pause the action during battles while navigating the menus.
-Implemented the options to invert camera control on the x or y axis.
-Implemented togglable active camera feature. When disabled, the camera will not turn to follow the player.
-All skills that are cooling down after use are now shown onscreen on the left.
-The spacebar and E key (X and A on an Xbox Controller) are now mapped to do the exact same thing.
-Dialogue speed is now adjustable from the config menu
-Mouse cursor is no longer visible.
-New game over sequence. When all party members become KO’d, you will learn to the last saved location losing any items, equipment and story progress, but keeping your levels.
-Chests and levers are no longer destroyed upon activating.
-Autosave feature is now functional.
-Updated the dialogue to correct spacing errors.
-Added some additional dialogue after the battles with the pumpkin and the Kalidah.

-Revamped the appearance and button mapping of the Config Menu to be more consistent with the status menu.
-New Help Menu in the Journal Tab.
-Main menu from the status screen and vice versa can now be accessed directly from one another without having to unpause the game.
-Adjusted size and fade animation of title logo shown in opening cutsene.
-Realigned the button displays on the status, shop and config screens.
-Realigned skills menu icons.
-Added missing skill descriptions
-Increased text space in battle icons to prevent cutoff.
-Flag when selecting party members to switch to is now cleared upon exiting the party screen.
-Removed information on power and MP use on the descriptions for stat point increases.
-Skill icons that cannot be purchased are now transparent.
-New title screen pre-message.
-Back button now unpauses the game if no sub-menus are present.
-Disabled the ability to pause in numerous areas where it’s not intended such as during cut to blacks, battle intros and outros, etc.
-Renamed “Rune” to “Relic”

-Reduced the amount of spaghetti code in the status and shop menus.
-Removed unused code for the player character leftover from an early prototype.
-Removed some unused files and junk data.
-Reduced loading time between the title screen and the game proper, replacing the old loading screen with a simple cut to black. On faster computers, the time should now be near-instaneous.
-Transferring between menus is now done more efficiently.
-Tweaked the way event flags work to make them compatible with new method for loading data.

-Updated the music for the Waterfall Cave

-Fixed a bug where you could select a different item in the process of selecting a party member to use an item on.
-Changing to a lead party member other than Amie now correctly displays said party member instead of Amie. (Fixed in terms of coding. Models coming later!)
-Undying Will now costs 15 skill points to purchase (changed from being free of charge).
-KO’d party members can no longer receive status conditions.
-Fixed a bug where music loops incorrectly after pausing.
-Fixed some geometry in the Apple Orchard house stairs that could get you stuck.

-Added a cheat mode to the config menu. If enabled, a portal will appear at the start of the game that contains numerous healing items, GP, experience points, some equipment and some warp portals. Also includes two test items: Gliding Shoes which allow you to sprint, a Lantern of Tranquility which will prevent Id from chasing you, and the Watch of Cutscene Skipping which allows you to bypass cutscenes.