Dreamwalkers Version A1.2 Released!

VERSION A1.2 – 31 Oct 2017

-New area called the Ahonna Desert which has an explorable town and dungeon. Story has yet to be implemented. Area also features an optional boss called the Terra Tortoise (which you will probably die against).
-Numerous new items available.
-Some areas now have parkour. Simply approach a predefined location and press the interact command to do the parkour.
-New Death status condition. If inflicted, a timer will start. When it reaches zero, that character will be instantly KO’d.
-Changed the size of the player’s collision.
-Dialogue during cutscenes is now skippable.
-Rebalanced the overall difficulty by adjusting skills and monster stats.
-You can no longer sell items marked as “quest” in shops. This is to make sure the player doesn’t accidentally sell a plot important item.
-Fixed a bug where enemies could sometimes either attack themselves or attack KO’d party members.
-Sped up ultimate charge times and fixed a bug where they’d inexplicably reset to zero.
-Fixed a bug where you could not heal party members recovered from a KO after battle.

-New models for majority of characters. (Magne, Bella and Oliver still need models.)
-New graphics for the UI including status condition icons, items and more.
-Improved graphics for Snowbound Vale. Terrain has been completely redone, colors are improved, more trees, snow particle effects and better atmosphere.
-Improved graphics for Crystal Cave. New textures and newly colored crystals for variety.
-Improved graphics for Harvest Field (now renamed to Harvest Meadow). Trees now feature leaf fall.

-New music for the Snowbound Vale, Crystal Cave, regular battle and boss fight themes.
-Miscellaneous new sound effects such as chest opening, lever pulling, etc.

-Splash logos are now skippable.
-New Krayfish Entertainment Intro movie.
-Dialogue box better handles multiple messages playing during cutscenes.
-Dialogue box is now animated and has bigger text.
-Fixed an issue where text outlines were not fading correctly.

-Proper level streaming has now been implemented. The game will now load and unload areas according to the player’s location.
-Upgraded to new version of Unreal Engine.

-All in-game dialogue revised to cut down on wordiness.