Status: Upcoming games

With Laser Industries 3 released, I’ll put up another status update on all the games on the to-do list.

The Big Projects

  • Project: Light World – I’m learning Unreal Engine in the process of making this. I’ll continue to post screenshots and talk about it in blog posts because this game is going to be big.  I’m estimating at least two years in development as well as a possible budget increase.  I don’t know how I’m going to release this game yet as it’s probably going to be too big to be playable off the site.

Clickteam Games on the Imminent To-Do list

  • Laser Industries 4 – Probably will come out next year.  This one is fairly big in scope compared to my other games so it may be a while.  I can say that you will get to play as both Lazer-743 and Dr. Scroorup who each have their own abilities.
  • Tower Defense game – I got a request from a friend to make something like this.  Give me time and it shouldn’t be long for this as I have some old prototypes to go off of.
  • Racing Game – A simple racing game for the Micro Game collection.  I made several of these as class demonstrations back in the day, but I haven’t made an official version yet.
  • Art of Making Money – A simple, multiplayer board game.  Original .cca file is a bit clunky.  Even though it’s salvageable, it’s better off being remade.
  • The Trophy Tower – Previously unannounced, this was a top-down action adventure game that I created in 2005, and was in fact my very first game to have a scrolling screen.  I’m planning to do a remake on it.

Indefinite Hiatus

  • Zackulback: The Sidekick’s Sidestory – On indefinite hiatus.  Even though it’s technically complete, I’m not going to lie: This one wasn’t very good because of how slow-paced it was for a platformer.  I’m going to have to really rework a lot of it so that it’s more fun to play.
  • Voyage of the Silver Eagle – The original version, while playable, is based on a trademarked property (True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle) so I can’t release it.  The remake was simply getting too big in scope for me to seriously invest a lot of time in.  Not to mention, the gameplay is a bit stale – most of it consisting of walking from point A to point B in a linear fashion.
  • Seedling: Dawn of Children (story) – Sadly, I’m not planning to finish this anytime soon as I’ve personally lost interest in it.  It’s desperately in need of a second draft which means rewriting the entire thing – something I don’t have the time for with most of my writings being contributions towards Omniverse Nexus.