Nostalgic Treasure Trove: Laser Industries

Happy New Year, and to start off the celebration, Laser Industries has now been released to the public!  You can play it here.

A bit of history:

Laser Industries was a game I created in early 2006, about six months after I made Zackulback Adventures.  On the old hard drive, I found the .cca file for the game, and it was intact.  However, the game used an older version of Multimedia Fusion’s platform movement, and thus, when I reopened it with Fusion 2.5, some of the levels were literally impossible due to Fusion 2.5’s platform movement having drastically different mechanics.  The new version on the site revised the game’s coding as well as some of the layout of the levels, but the vast majority of the graphics were left exactly as they were originally drawn to keep in the old school spirit.

Laser Industries was also my first game to use voice acting as I got a hold of a microphone midway through production.   At the time, I didn’t have anything more advanced than Windows Sound Recorder, so I re-recorded 99% of the voice overs to improve the quality.

Laser Industries also had three sequels, two of which were actually made into games while the third one was ultimately unfinished.  I’ll see about getting Laser Industries 2 and 3 out sometime within the year, though the fourth game is a bit lower on the priority list since its scope is comparable to Seedling and Droplet 2013.  Stay tuned for more games to come out!