A Nostalgia Trove Rediscovered

Merry Christmas from Krayfish Entertainment!

While sifting through files on an old hard drive out of nostalgia, by a stroke of fate I rediscovered the majority of .cca and .mfa files for all of my old games still intact – the oldest dating back to 2005.  Among them was the 2008 game Chef Pierre’s Cooking Craziness which was shown in a video on my miscellaneous YouTube account six years ago.  After a couple days of refinement and re-editing, I restored the game and converted it into Flash so that it’s playable directly from a browser.  You can play it here.

Along with Chef Pierre, there were at least a dozen other games currently waiting to be renovated.  Below are just a handful:

  • Droplet ’09 – The original version of Droplet as created in 2009.  It features drastically different level design and puzzles, so it’s more of a separate game of its own.
  • Spam Zapper – Play as a computer program that zaps spyware and viruses in a short top-down shooter game.
  • Laser Industries – Play as an energy-sword wielding android trying to stop the evil duck scientist Dr. Scroorup from using an army of robots and monsters to take over the world.  It is part of an overarching, wacky narrative that will span at least two more games.
  • The Art of Making Money – A multiplayer board game.  Travel across a board and collect cards to try to get the most money.
  • Untitled story game – A currently untitled adventure game about a young noble girl who joins the crew of a pirate ship.  It will be heavily story driven and will feature numerous cut scenes.

In other news…

Work on Porpoise Civil War and the short story section will still continue.  The game is planned to use prerendered graphics like Elementals so it will take a tad longer to create than the games mentioned above.