New game: Tower Defense Krayfish Version

A new micro game called Tower Defense Krayfish Version has been released.  Check it out on the games page or just click here!

About this game

After the success of teaching how to create platform and shoot-em-up games with Multimedia Fusion, my students requested that I teach a class on how to make Tower Defense.  Believe it or not, Tower Defense isn’t the type of game that I usually play on my spare time so in fact, I would be creating a game that not only had I never made before, but also one of a genre which I haven’t dabbled in at all.  I ended up creating a prototype in 2012 and created a how-to guide on making Tower Defense clones, and the class was a hit.  Although it is a tad more complex to create than platform games and shoot-em-ups, I still found an easy way to teach it to those who had never created a game before.

Years later and looking to expand my game library for Krayfish Entertainment, I dug up that very same Tower Defense prototype.  For the most part, very little had to be changed since it still held up although I made a few more expansions to it.  Originally, there was only one type of turret and the enemies would get ridiculously fast after only the first minute of play.  I changed it by adding several more types of turrets and rebalanced the waves so that they were randomized and increased in difficulty every ten waves.

What is to come

I’m planning on releasing at least one more micro game before I unveil more detailed information about Light World.  Interestingly enough, working on Tower Defense did give me some insight on how to balance a currency system which should come into play when item shopping in Light World gets added.