New game: Droplet and the Prototype Machine

The original 2009 prototype version of Droplet has been restored and converted to flash!  It has been retitled Droplet and the Prototype Machine and can be played here.  The game notably features background graphics hand-drawn with both color pencil and markers.

A bit of history:

The 2009 version of Droplet was actually intended to be put on the site close to its original launch two years ago.  However, the flash exporter module was extremely buggy at the time and the conversion of the game was simply not possible without having to remove large chunks of what made it so special.  Conversion was initially difficult at first because the game was created before the exporter module existed.  Therefore, it became difficult to debug as some glitches that were only present in the flash version did not exist in the .exe version.

With the many version updates as well as the upgrade to Clickteam Fusion 2.5, conversion became much easier and I was able to resume work on the project.  Most everything from the original sound effects, music and graphics were preserved save for a few minor things such as mode7 effects and a pause menu.

To-date, with the detailed graphics and long music tracks, this game is presently the largest flash file on the site, even bigger than Droplet 2013!