Light World Footage!

It’s finally here! Some actual video footage of Project:Light World!

I don’t really have a solid ETA on when Light World will be finished, but I’ll try to aim for a full game release in July 2017. It will be available to play from a browser when it’s done, and it should also be able to run on tablets.

New Clickteam Fusion game coming soon: The Trophy Tower

I’m going to shift my focus back to Clickteam Fusion – for me to put togethera functioning game as depicted in the videotook me well over six monthsgiven my work schedule so I’ll be needing a quick change of gears. I’ve recently reacquired 3DS Max (I used a student license before when creating the graphics of Elementals), and I’m looking to test it out once again on a new game. Coming in later March/early April will be a game called The Trophy Tower, anaction game set in a medieval fantasy world of magic. This game was originally created in late 2005, and was my first pseudo-RPG game with things like NPC dialogue and open exploration. However, as I was still in the process of learning Clickteam Fusion for the first time, I actually ended up creating two different versions of The Trophy Tower- one a sidescroller and the other a top-down. So I’ve decided to do a remake of it with prerendered visuals and improved level design. Be on the lookout for it soon!