Porpoise Universe

In an alternate universe where the Cold War goes hot, World War III devastates planet Earth. But after the dust settles, humanity rebuilds and looks to the stars. The different planets of the solar system are colonized and a new golden age arrives. By the 2100s, humans establish a post-scarcity economy.

This golden era was also one where artificial intelligence reigned. But it wasn’t long until a faction of machines called Cyborgs begins a rebellion. The Porpoise Program was created to combat this threat – a series of powerful fighter craft piloted by humans.

The Porpoise Program remains one of humanity’s top defense forces even as they make first contact with new aliens both friendly and hostile.

The Porpoise Universe is the setting for the Porpoise and Eraser games.



Porpoise Universe



Copernicus • Karfex Leono • Rixer • Torpedo


Zoombandumbans • Torpedans • Fayworans • Zhargonites • Quarcyzites


Porpoise Program • Cloud Zappers