Droplet: States of Matter – Arctic Rig Graphical and Musical update!

Version EA1.11 is now out! This update features an updated Arctic Rig level with new graphics and music! A few tweaks to the opening intro have also been made so be sure to check that out too!

Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some mesh flickering in the Professor’s lab.
  • Crystals now correctly appear in the Professor’s lab after defeating certain bosses.
  • Blocks in Macro Kitchen now react properly to the camera.
  • Fixed a bug with the spinning blade object where the game might erroneously count it as a safe spot to respawn after falling into a hazard.
  • Fixed a bug where certain pendulums were not moving.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera was off centered after obtaining the first green crystal.


  • Graphical update to Arctic Rig.
  • Updated appearance of hammer robots.
  • Slight adjustment to laser beams to avoid texture flickering.
  • Updated Fossil Corp logo so that the text is centered.
  • Updates to the Galactic Science Expo in response to player feedback.
    • Updated the Professor’s Lab area with new textures. Many players were getting confused by mistaking the highly reflective surface for ice.
    • Made some changes with the puzzles so that they are more intuitive for first time players.
    • Tweaked some lighting effects
  • Replaced the vertical spinning blades in Tubular Turnpike with turbine fans.
  • Some intro cutscene sequences play slightly faster.


  • Updated music for Arctic Rig.
  • New door opening sounds.


  • Latter half of Arctic Rig was almost completely redesigned.
  • Removed the switch door in the ice tunnel portion of Arctic Rig. This is to fix an oversight where the door would close after entering Skyway Spin which would create an unintentional point of no return.
  • Adjusted required time to obtain Gold Crystal and Kray Time for Arctic Rig.
  • Angel shark movement speed changed.
  • Changed the blobs in Waterworks to a different color and removed immunity to cloud form as it was not being practically used.
  • Collision of spinning blades altered.
  • Hidden animation added related to the spinning blades. Can you find it?
  • Laser Beams will now hurt enemies.