Seedling: New side quests and spells

Seedling has now moved out of the beta phase with a new set of content updates.

  • Three additional spells: restore health, restore stamina and a double jump.  The double jump spell can be unlocked by talking to the lizard near the sandworm’s lair, but the other two are hidden.  If you’ve played this game already, then you may have to search areas that you’ve already been to.
  • Several new terrain updates.  You will need the new jump spell to reach some areas.
  • A new challenging optional boss in the Poisoned Swamp.  You’ll get a huge xp reward for defeating it.
  • A new miniquest to upgrade your sword.  Seek out the mysterious orichalcum ore and bring it to the new blacksmith of the Wolf Clan.

Finally, the bosses in Mt. Oblivion have been given more HP for balancing.