New Micro Game: Gweeky’s Journey Through the Sky

Happy Pi Day!

Today sees the release of another micro game titled Gweeky’s Journey Through the Sky.  Play it here!

A bit of history:

Gweeky’s Journey Through the Sky was originally created in 2005 as one of my very earliest games, and now has underwent a near-perfect conversion to Flash.  It’s almost exactly how it was back in the day, though the game breaking bugs seen in the original were patched and the stock MIDI files used as background music were converted to MP3s.

In other news:

Spam Zapper has received a patch update hotfixing a glitch where enemies have a chance of streaming out an excessive barrage of bullets with the potential to cause an exceeding in the frame’s object count.  Laser Industries 1 and 2 have also been patched with a similar update.

The root cause of this is actually a bug in the flash converter for Clickteam Fusion 2.5, and things like this are much harder to test for seeing as they do not occur in the .exe build of the game.  Fortunately, I managed to find a work around by adding a hidden Appearing animation that prevents the enemies from shooting until the animation is finished.