New game released: Seedling

A new playable flash game has been released. It is currently in the alpha stage – out on the Web mainly to gather feedback regarding gameplay, controls and to find bugs.

Seedling was originally created in 2010, though it was never finished. The 2013 version is based on old storyboards and concept art, and while an older prototype from 2010 does exist, I was unable to convert it smoothly into Flash (the Multimedia Fusion Flash exporter did not exist at the time). Thus, the entire game was recreated in the time span of three weeks using the same level layouts and graphics although a few minor graphical improvements were included. The coding was made more efficient to cut down on memory size and speed up loading times.

Much of the overworld has been downsized temporarily in favor of fleshing out the dungeons. Future updates will include a new storyline connecting all of the locations present in the game. Bosses will also be added in the future.

In other news:
Droplet is currently undergoing a code rewrite to make it load faster, but it is still expected to be released this summer.