Soul Nodes

Soul Nodes are certain points of energy within a person connected by a series of branches. These defined points are often an expression of certain personality traits or skillsets. When a person goes through a period of physical training, meditation or acquiring knowledge through reading, they can open a Soul Node to increase their dreamwalking potential allowing them to perform a greater variety of feats. For example, a person can open a Soul Node that can increase their physical strength allowing them to lift heavier objects.

It is not known how many Soul Nodes a person has, but as they immerse themselves deeper into dreamwalking, they can see in their mind more and more adjacent Soul Nodes. A person with little to no dreamwalking experience could only see a few Soul Nodes, but a more experienced person would have many more. Ordinary people can also unlock Soul Nodes without knowing it – usually occurring when a person picks up a new hobby or skill and becoming proficient at it.

These collections of nodes in some respects are hardly any different than the dream worlds themselves as the two are connected to one another in similar ways. Some have theorized a person’s soul is a universe of its own with each individual soul node being their own worlds created by a person’s mind. Some have also theorized that the entire universe is the Great Spirit’s soul, and other universes of equivalent scope must exist. These theories played a major role in the discovery of other clusters.
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Additionally, by observing these tree patterns recursively occurring across multiple levels (i.e. dreams within dreams) some have considered that all of existence is just a dream and therefore not real. However, because of the persistence of these dream worlds, some have instead chosen to believe that the tangibility and existence of these dreams are still real and constitutes relevance.

Equally, just as there are dream worlds adjacent to Earth, there are also dream worlds within the minds of people offering many angles to explore the multiverse.