Laser Industries 4: The Planet Graveyard

Laser Industries 4: The Planet Graveyard was meant to serve as the finale to the Laser Industries storyline. In 2008, it went on hiatus.

The game was originally conceived to take place immediately after Laser Industries 3, but with a much more ambitious scope with multiple playable characters. Development started right afterwards, but a hardware failure halted progress on the game. Though this version was successfully recovered, I decided to start over from scratch anyway.

Another version of the game was worked in 2008 with the first hub world being fully functional along with four playable characters. However, due to an unstable code base, it became impractical to continue it, especially after work shifted towards Chef Pierre’s Cooking Craziness and the first Droplet game.

Perhaps one day, Lazer-743 and Dr. Scroorup will see the finale to their adventure.