Droplet: Hackathon Edition

A spin-off of the Droplet series that was created in under 24 hours! Change between four states of matter and collect atoms in four unique levels!


To play this game, download the following zip file and extract it. Then run the exe.


  • WASD/Arrow Keys – Move
  • Space – Jump
  • Ctrl – Shoot (plasma form only)
  • Backspace – Exit level
  • Escape – Quit game


At a university competition held over the weekend, I had to create some sort of coding project. The rules were that it could be absolutely anything so long it was created entirely within 24 hours.

I chose to make a 2.5D Droplet game in the Unreal Engine. The game’s music, models and levels were all created within that 24 hour time period. It came in first place!

As I only had 24 hours to make the game, I had to pick and choose what I believed were the most important features to show off. I prioritized the ability to switch between different states of matter as the system I absolutely wanted to get working. In addition, I wanted to create four different environments that were tailored to each individual state of matter.