Droplet: States of Matter Early Access 1.2 – Xenon Lagoon Graphical and Music Update

Hey guys, Krayfishkarl here with another Droplet: States of Matter update. Early Access 1.2 is now available! This patch contains a graphically updated version of Xenon Lagoon along with a few small quality of life fixes!

Previously, I’ve mentioned that one of the primary remaining tasks was to convert BSP brushes to static meshes. What does this mean exactly?

Whenever a level is created for the first time, I use BSP brushes, tools in Unreal Engine that can be used to create blockouts of a level. This allows me to construct a simplified representation of the level’s intended design using basic shapes such as cubes, pyramids and cylinders. This allows me to playtest the level on the gameplay side before the final graphics are implemented. I can even assign collision and textures to the blockouts.

A static mesh on the other hand is a proper 3D model. When doing a conversion, I trace over these blockout areas using Blender and make adjustments to add more detail. I start off by creating one large model for the whole level. Then for other objects such as grass, trees, rocks and other decorations, I use separate models that I can place wherever I want.

Approximately half of the levels in the game are still pending this conversion. However, I anticipate that as I progress further, I’ll amass more models that can be reused in other levels. Meaning, the speed at which I’m able to do conversions will get exponentially faster.

Beyond further quality of life improvements, completing this conversion will be my main goal before the game exits early access. But until then, even if a level has not been converted, it is still perfectly playable with all gameplay functionality present.

And with that, hope you enjoy!

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Patch Notes

Main Features

  • Xenon Lagoon has been graphically overhauled. New music also included.
  • Droplet and Molly-QL’s health are now tracked separately.

Bug Fixes

  • Levels where a best time has not been achieved now properly display dashes instead of 0’s.


  • Small boxes now have question blocks on them.
  • Extra details added to Deep Sea Mines using Xenon Lagoon’s new assets.


  • Swapped out a few sound effects for higher quality counterparts.


  • Slightly enlarged lives icon.
  • Added separate life icons for Molly-QL
  • Notifications for full health and ammo now appear when trying to pick up an object that restores either health or ammo.


  • Camera collision adjustments for a few objects.