2015 – Insight on what’s coming next

The past few months have seen a ton of updates to the site.  Many new games and new pages in the universe section.  With the rediscovery of my old games, the release schedule has shifted around a lot, so here is what to come in the near future:

  • Laser Industries 2 – The sequel to Laser Industries.  This is currently what I’m working on as of this post.
  • Spam Zapper – I’m going to be updating the graphics from the original.
  • Zackulback sequel – An indirect sequel to Zackulback Adventures.  The game is planned to go through a few storyline changes so it will likely be retitled.
  • Droplet ’09 – Numerous updates to the Clickteam Fusion software have made conversion easier, but the most up to date version has some corruption in it.  It’ll take a bit longer to iron out.
  • Untitled story game – The original version was based on a copyrighted intellectual property, so some big storyline changes will be coming just so that I avoid getting sued.  Once the game is out, I’ll explain more.
  • Porpoise A Civil War – I announced this back in December, but I’ve pushed this one back to give myself the chance to revisit my older games.  Also, I’m planning pre-rendered graphics on this one.

I’m aiming to get all of these games before July 2015 (which will be the tenth anniversary of the original Zackulback Adventures!).  Krayfish Entertainment’s first two years were slow since I was working exclusively on single big projects: Droplet 2013 and Seedling.  2015 will be the year where I get a bunch of smaller games out along with renovated versions of some of the games that I’ve made in the past ten years.  But of course, the above is far from all what I have planned.  There were many more games that I discovered on the hard drive, but I’ll announce them whenever they’re ready.

Lastly, the upcoming story section is making good progress.  The name of the first story to be released will be titled Seedling: Dawn of Children which depicts Sero Silva many generations after the defeat of the Kudzu.  As of right now, I’ve written around 10,000 words, but I’m not yet sure how long it will end up being since I have not planned out an ending yet.  For now, I’ll be releasing the story by chapter on a regular basis.