Universe update: Laser Industries

The universe section has been updated with a page about the Laser Industries series.  There’s info on behind the scenes development and a few hints on what the next games in the series will be about.  Check it out here.

A Nostalgia Trove Rediscovered

Merry Christmas from Krayfish Entertainment! While sifting through files on an old hard drive out of nostalgia, by a stroke of fate I rediscovered the majority of .cca and .mfa files for all of my old games still intact – the oldest dating back to 2005.  Among them was the 2008 game Chef Pierre’s Cooking… Continue reading A Nostalgia Trove Rediscovered

New game: Maze Hockey

Maze Hockey has now been released.  Check it out here. The game currently has eight playable arenas where you can go against an AI or another player in a customizable match.  The game will be later updated to include a campaign mode where you must complete a series of challenges.

Porpoise Frenzy Patch 1.1

Porpoise Frenzy has been updated with a few miscellaneous fixes. Updated projectiles so that they affect all other types of enemies. Added a black outlines to projectiles to make it easier to see against the background. Slowed down the Bomber, saucer and asteroid. Slowed down rate of asteroids and Bomber drops. Added a start button to… Continue reading Porpoise Frenzy Patch 1.1

Universe update: Elementals

The universe section has been updated to include Elementals with a detailed how-to-play section as well as some extra trivia about the game’s development.  Check it out here.

2015 Behind the Scenes

2014 is coming to an end and next month will mark Krayfish Entertainment’s 2nd anniversary. Upcoming Updates Untitled Hockey-Type Game ETA: Late December/Early January This will be a hockey game with some puzzle elements, and it will also include a two-player mode.  The time to complete it 100% will be comparable to Eraser and Zackulback Adventures.… Continue reading 2015 Behind the Scenes

New game: Elementals

A new game has been uploaded titled Elementals which features three playable characters and a non linear level design. Check it out here.

New game: Zackulback Adventures

A new game called Zackulback Adventures has been released. It is a sidescroller action game, and a remake of the first game Karl Ast ever created.