Site layout change

A recent update to my themes changed the site’s layout significantly.  This was unintentional, so I’m going to be working on putting together a new theme.  As far as I know, everything else seems to work fine, but I’ll try to iron out any unwanted kinks.

S’more Progress Updates

Just putting up a message on how things are going.  My real life schedule has been pretty packed, so pace has slowed down some. Project: Light World Good progress has made with a prototype battle system.  Melee attacks and magic projectiles have been added for the player character that calculate damage based on stats, but… Continue reading S’more Progress Updates

New Game: Regular Pong

Fancy some pong?  Krayfish Entertainment now has its own version here. When my friends ask me about how I’m able to make games, I like to show them me creating pong in a matter of seconds as a parlour trick.  All fun and good, but I never actually saved any of these versions, just closing Clickteam… Continue reading New Game: Regular Pong

Status Update

Here’s how Krayfish Entertainment is faring. Project: Light World: So far, the new Unreal Engine-based game is going well.  It’s been tentatively titled Project: Light World.I honestly can’t say much about the plot yet as I’m still working on gameplay kinks.  So far though, it stars a young girl who finds herself lost in a… Continue reading Status Update

Learning Unreal Engine

I’m currently in the process of learning some other game making tools, particularly Unreal Engine.  Right now, I don’t have much, but once I make more progress, I’ll post a screenshot.  Unfortunately, for now, I’m putting my other Clickteam Fusion games and Seedling: Dawn of Children on hold for now so that I focus all… Continue reading Learning Unreal Engine

Chapter 13 of Seeding: Dawn of Children

It’s available here! Status Update I’ve recently founded a collaborative writing project known as Omniverse Nexus which involves multiple authors.  Be sure to check it out!  Though I am working on other stories for that site, I’m still intending to continue weekly chapter uploads every Tuesday for Seedling: Dawn of Children..