Id is the name given to any one of type of dark spirit that thrives on the presence of negative emotions. They are named as such as they the vast majority of them act entirely on instinct and lack the ability to express more positive emotions. They originate from the Realm of Darkness, spawning from negative experiences, and they invade other worlds by emerging through dark corridors.

Types of Id

Common Id

These are the most common kind. They are unintelligent and driven entirely by instinct. However, they can still be very dangerous depending on what spawned them. Common Id can take on a wide variety of shapes from blotches of shadows to something more fully-formed. Over the course of their life, common Id eventually become more intelligent and evolve into more powerful beings. An example includes a Bogeyman.

Artificial Id

Artificial Id are directly created by a human. They are formed together using dark energies and can be given a direct purpose. An example includes a Griefeater.

Sapient Id

Sapient Id are self-aware, able to make conscious decisions and, to an extent, can be reasoned with. Sapient Id have the chance of evolving into normal spirits should they experience a more diverse set of positive emotions. Those that do not will usually continue down a path of negativity, either carrying endless hatred towards everything around them and/or becoming stooped in delusions of grandeur. Sapient Id can take a variety of forms from incomprehensibly large monsters to being almost indistinguishable from humans.

What complicates the ethics of simply reforming a sapient Id through therapy and counseling is that if more positive emotions are introduced to them, their previous personality will effectively cease to exist. It has been debated whether this is considered a form of death for the Id.



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